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Dancing to Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun opening. And re-enacting that oh so beloved bike scene. 

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ok everybody lets play ‘spot the difference’ go


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My favorite thing is gonna be when kurapika gets all the eyes back he’s gonna be so weird he might have guests and he’s gonna have these eyes on display and people are gonna be like “WHY DO YOU HAVE THOSE” and he’s just gonna calmly say “they are my family” it’s gonna be great.

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Q: What do the male characters think about the amount of skin Kiiko-san and Nishiki-chan reveal?


  • Will look occasionally: Tenka, Takamine, Kagemitsu
  • Doesn’t mind: Chuutarou, Shirasu, Sousei, Shi
  • Panicking youths going through puberty: Soramaru, Takeda
  • "Girls will get a cold if they show too much skin…" : Inukai
  • "Each of them have their good points." : Ashiya
  • Will only be affected if it’s Botan: Hirari

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this is a hat you can buy



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i made my own tag meme

  • why is
  • im gonna
  • dont
  • i cant
  • look at
  • where
  • stop
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Two images posted on Diamond Films Argentina Facebook account.

Ya que estamos, aviso que en mi país la peli se estrena el jueves, pero probablemente a mi ciudad no llegue hasta la semana que viene, así que no la veré hasta entonces. Por eso agradecería a todos aquellos que la vean en estos días que continúen utilizando el tag “los spoilers” en sus comentarios sobre la peli :) De hecho lo ideal sería seguir así hasta tanto se estrene en todos los países, por lo menos los latinoamericanos, que tienen fecha confirmada.


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