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Title: Hisoka's acupuncture foot massage
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me : kyahhhh …..  >///<   I do not believe Kurapika scream I loved it hahahaha

translated by : ^3^

Hisoka: Well then, now that we have relaxed in the hot springs… Hehe, to relax even more, let me give you a foot sole massage which my friend Illumi has taught me.

Killua: Eh, big brother’s?

Hisoka: This works really well~ I bet I could make Kurapika scream.

Kurapika: Hmph, don’t be stupid. I’m calm and composed so I’d never scream…

Hisoka: Is that so? Well, how about starting with Kurapika then

Kurapika: Bring it on

Hisoka: Don’t hold me responsible for the result. I’ll do it~

Kurapika: What is that slippery stuff?

Hisoka: This? This is my special cream

Kurapika: Ha! nnnn

Hisoka: How is that? It works, doesn’t it?

Gon: Kurapika, does it hurt? Does it hurt Kurapika?

Hisoka: Kurapika, does it hurt here?

Kurapika: Hiso- aaah

Hisoka: Kurapika~

Kurapika: I really can’t say this

Hisoka: Say something, Kurapika

Kurapika: I can’t say it!!

Hisoka: Are you really Kurapika?

Kurapika: A spider, a spider!! Aah!!

Hisoka: It’s not a spider, this is the liver acupuncture point.

Kurapika: Acupunctur- Aaah!

Hisoka: Kurapika! You always pull such a cool face, but have you been drinking?

Kurapika: I haven’t…

Killua: Kurapika, are you okay?

Gon: Does it hurt?

Hisoka: How does it feel here?

Kurapika: Aaah!!!

Gon: I’m scared!

Hisoka: Hahahahaha~

Kurapika: Stop it already!

Hisoka: Alright, I’m done. Let’s leave it at this for today. Kurapika, don’t look at me like that.

Killua: “for today…”?

Kurapika: That was nothing…

Hisoka: Really? Shall I do it some more then?

Kurapika: Seriously!? Aaaaah!

Hisoka: Ok, NOW I’m done. Aren’t you glad, your liver will become a little better now. Next up is…

Leorio: No thanks-

Gon: Leorio! You go, Leorio!

Leorio: No thanks, I don’t want to, I don’t want to

Hisoka: Even Gon is telling you to go next, so… Leorio

Leorio: No, thank you

Killua: Me then?

Hisoka: Alright, Killua.

Gon: Do your best, Killua

Hisoka: Let me tease those feet trained by the Zaoldyeck, okay~ Stretch out your foot~

Gon: Killua, you’re okay even if it hurts right?

Hisoka: Let me use this cream

Kurapika: What… is that?

Hisoka: This? It is Aloe mixture squalane cream

Killua: My heart is pounding

Kurapika: When you say it, it sound perverted, Hisoka!

Hisoka: Aloe mixture squalane cream

Gon: Squalane…

Hisoka: This is the right pronunciation. Now, I’m starting Killua. ey

Killua: Oh!

Hisoka: Oh? What do you mean with oh?

Gon: Killua, how is it?

Killua: I’m fine

Gon: You are? As expected of Killua

Hisoka: Really? You know, this is the stomach acupuncture point

Killua: Hmm~

Hisoka: Let’s go to the kidney point then

Kurapika: I’d love to show this expression

Gon: Yeah

Kurapika: To the people who aren’t here

Hisoka: Killua… That’s a nice expression… it’s nice

Killua: Uwa- Aah!

Gon: Killua, what’s wrong?

Hisoka: What’s wrong, Killua~

Killua: I’ve had enough, stop!

Hisoka: Not yet~ It hasn’t healed yet, this

Kurapika: Even though he just started…

Hisoka: A little bit more over here~

Gon: It’s not wrestling you know!

Kurapika: You can’t give up

Hisoka: I see, Killua’s kidneys are weak

Gon: Uwa, he’s looking more and more feverish

Hisoka: Now I’ve gotten all excited~

Kurapika: Even Killua can’t bear it, can he?

Gon: I’m scared of my turn~!

Hisoka: That face~ That expression~ It’s the best!!

Killua: Uwaah!

Kurapika: He’s bending himself back

Killua: Aaah!

Gon: Killua, does it hurt? Does it hurt? It doesn’t hurt, does it?

Killua: …It hurts!

Hisoka: I’ll leave it at this with Killua then.

Hisoka: Next, Apple-chan~

Gon: Waah!!

Hisoka: Sorry for making you wait.

Gon: You know…I’m really healthy, so… it won’t hurt?

Hisoka: That’s right~ Gon is a healty boy~

Gon: Yeah! A healthy boy, 12 years old

Hisoka: But you may have some bad places

Gon: I always eat Mito-san’s food, so there aren’t!

Hisoka: It’s alright~ Although the bottom of your feet may be 29 years old…

Everyone *rofl*

Leorio: What does that mean?

Hisoka: Because I love you~ I’ll heal your bad spots

Gon: Are you starting? … It doesn’t hurt!

Hisoka: What’s with that pause?

Gon: it doesn’t hurt

Hisoka: Let’s start at the bottom and work my way up~ First is the bladder

Leorio: What are you trying to do

Hisoka: Take that, bladder

Gon: It doesn’t hurt-

Leorio: If you start at the bladder, where do you plan on going next?

Hisoka: It really doesn’t hurt? Guess I can do it a bit more strongly then

Kurapika: He’s stopped at the bladder… Where is he going next?

Hisoka: next up is~

Gon: Killua save me-

Killua: Gon, don’t cry!

Hisoka: It’s the duodenum acupuncture pont

Gon: It doesn’t hurt!

Leorio: Gon’s duodenum isn’t healty either, huh.

Kurapika: He took out a handkerchief. Gon, a handkerchief?

Leorio: And it’s a pink one…

Gon: It doesn’t hurt!

Hisoka: Such a cute handkerchief you have

Gon: It doesn’t hurt, hahaha

Leorio: He’s laughing…

Hisoka: From the liver to the lungs, I’ll heal ALL acupuncture points~

Gon: I’ll go to the hospital already!

Hisoka: What are you saying?

Kurapika: Are you going to the hospital?

Hisoka: I’ll have mercy on you now

Gon: It didn’t hurt!

Hisoka: Gon, Gon, you’re crying

Killua: Is this really ‘relaxing’?

Hisoka: Your watery eyes are so cute, Gon. Well than, with this, everyone is relaxed, right? What should we do next~

Gon: Hisoka! What you just taught me, I’ll do it to you!

Leorio: Yeah, let us do it. Just now, I understood how to do it very well.

Hisoka: What?

Kurapika: Stretch out your foot

Hisoka: What are you planning to do?

Kurapika: Here, the cream

Hisoka: It’s alright, I’m a magician so I can heal everything myself- ah

Gon: What’s wrong?

Leorio: how about here?

Hisoka: Gon?

Gon: Here?

Hisoka: Gon, that feels nice, Gon

Gon: then how about here?

Hisoka: Aah! Gon!

Gon: What was that?

Hisoka: Don’t look at me like that

Gon: How about here?

Hisoka: That feels good

Gon: Everyone, do it too! do it too!

Leorio: Alright, how about here

Killua: Then how’s this!

Hisoka: It feels-

Killua: Say something

Hisoka: Ah, there!

Kurapika: That’s where you hurt me

Hisoka: What are you doing?

Kurapika: And how about here

Hisoka: That feels good~ Kurapika, you’re good at this

Kurapika: Somehow that’s frustrating

Gon: lower, how about lower?

Kurapika: Take this!

Hisoka: Ah, that’s! I’ll have Illumi heal that next time so don’t do it now!

Kurapika: Hisoka, you’re sweating, aren’t you?

Hisoka: Ow ow ow ow ow … Gon, that’s enough, Gon

Gon: I’m not done yet~ Here, right? Squeeeeze!

Kurapika: Because it’s revenge from the four of us. Here too!

Hisoka: Ow!

Leorio: Here too!

Hisoka: Ow!!

Gon: Hisoka is becoming less and less like himself… Alright, after a break, let’s do Hisoka’s other foot!

Kurapika: Right

Gon: Yeah, let’s do our best!

Killua: Yeah!

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How to save a life by Luke fon Fabre ft. Guy Cecil

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Auldrant’s Next Top Model, Jade Curtiss.

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do not, i repeat, do not

think about your favorite character’s face when they orgasm, especially after an agonizingly slow build of teasing and foreplay that lasts for hours

don’t imagine the relief in their eyes right before they close them

don’t imagine the sounds of their ecstasy as they finally hit that sweet spot

don’t imagine every line and muscle in their body tense and arching as they ride the aftershocks

don’t imagine the way they sag and pant and smile afterward, drawing their partner close to their sweat-slicked body

just don’t do that to yourself

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So i have this giant pencil right


I think we all know where this is going.


the amount of people saying that they were expecting me to shove it up my ass is alarming

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Quick and simple lifehacks.

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